Oak Magnetic Knife Rack


Oak Magnetic Knife Rack


Product Description


An attractive design of knife rack which is probably the best you will find when space is at a premium.


This version in Oak has strong neodymium magnets glued within 0.8 to 1.0mm from the front surface to ensure secure retention of knives as well as slots in the rear for additional knives and a hole for a knife steel.


There are keyhole slots for screws in the back, with a unique self-levelling mechanism to easily allow for the inevitable inaccuracies when drilling holes in a masonry wall.


Good quality screws and wall-plugs suitable for fixing the knife rack to most types of wall are included along with mounting instructions.



Small, Seven knives;   Three magnets at the front and four individual slots (max 5cm) at the rear, W 26cm x H 5cm x D 5cm

Medium, Twelve knives;   Seven magnets at the front and five slots (max 5cm) at the rear, W 34cm x H 5cm x D 5cm

Large, Fourteen knives;   Eight magnets at the front and six slots at the rear, W 40cm x H 5cm x D 5cm


Safety Note;  This knife Rack, or any other magnetic knife rack, should only be fixed above a worktop, not directly above the floor.


Care Instructions: For the most part, just follow your usual dusting regime and use a damp cloth if necessary.


Story: There are other magnetic knife racks available and there are other slotted knife racks available but I have not seen any others that combine the two.

The design originated when I gave my Mum one of my free-standing sculpted knife racks (non-magnetic) for Christmas. She loved it, but she struggled to find the worktop space and so I designed this version to fit better in her compact kitchen.


My Oak knife racks are finished using a hard-wax oil made from natural oils and waxes designed for use on the best quality kitchen worktops.

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Weight 470 kg
Dimensions N/A

Small, Medium, Large


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