Elm Knife Block


Knife Block in Scottish Elm


Product Description

Description:This sculpture in beautiful Elm also happens to perform extremely well as a knife block. The unique shape will look great in any kitchen, although if you are really tight on space also take a look at my magnetic knife rack with extra slots at the rear.


This knife block contains 7 slots. The longest knife slot will take a knife of 275mm x 38mm and the shorter one 240mm x 48mm. My other Elm knife block is a little taller if you need it, but I think that would be unusual.


Elm is a beautiful and very calming wood, used traditionally for the seats of Windsor chairs in the days when it was more widely available. This Elm was bought on my way back from a holiday in Scotland where they do still have some Elm trees, but which I am assured they only fell when at risk of Dutch Elm disease, so as to not unnecessarily reduce the number of these majestic trees.


The knives shown in the photos are not included.


Care Instructions:For the most part, just follow your usual dusting regime and use a damp cloth if necessary.


It may eventually be necessary to give it a wipe with a good quality wood finishing oil. A free test sample of Osmo oil will probably be sufficient.


Story:When I make these knife blocks I start by carefully selecting matching pieces for each of the two sides so that they will look good together. This one has some spalted wood at the bottom so I was careful to align it at the bottom on both sides.


Before I start, I try to select the wood that has a curve to the grain that will follow the ultimate shape that I have in mind. Before shaping, when I have made a rectangular knife block, I may adjust the intended shape slightly to fit what the grain is telling me to do.


This is the sort of detail you can only find from an individual maker. Even the best factory makers would find it impossible to give that level of attention to their selection of materials.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 27 cm


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