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How to Buy

How to Buy: Bespoke or Limited Edition


For a bespoke commission the focus is on achieving a one-off piece that is designed to fit with your preferred styles, the materials you like and the place you live in. Following initial discussions, Roland will visit you with the drawings, along with samples of finished wood and any other relevant materials so that once everyone is happy with the proposal, a booking deposit can secure the project in the workshop schedule.

Limited Edition

The limited edition pieces are made speculatively as they are often the realisation of several month’s development and are usually attempting something new. A finished item will proceed through each of the following stages at least once; sketches, drawings, rough model, mock-up and then prototype.
The mock-up is made from cheaper materials to demonstrate feasibility and work out any new techniques. The prototype is intended to be a finished article, although this stage usually highlights the need for some further refinements. Some designs never make it past the early stages.
Once a design has been successfully brought to completion, it can usually be produced in your preferred wood or to fit within a specific location.