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    May 2024
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Furniture Designer and maker

Roland has been an enthusiastic woodworker, ever since the age of 13 when he made his first nail box. Progressing quickly from there to making a roll-top desk for his Woodwork A’ level, making furniture has continued to be a major passion right up until he decided in 2016 to take the leap towards his dream of designing and making furniture professionally.
He first spent a year at the Peter Sefton Furniture School, learning some of the techniques missed while self-teaching and also to gain experience with the sort of equipment only available in the professional workshop. 
At the end of the course he displayed at the Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design (CCD) where his bedside cabinets received an amazing reception. They were also displayed for two weeks in the Gordon Russell Design Museum as the prize for winning the Gordon Russell Design prize .
He is currently renting workshop space in the historic stone mills at Pleasley Vale on the North Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire border, close to Mansfield.
When not making bespoke pieces to commission, Roland is always sketching out ideas for new designs, a few of which will make it into completed furniture. These can be seen in the photos on this site or at selected shows throughout the year. Some of them may occasionally be available for viewing by appointment at the workshop or at his home in Derbyshire.