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Eco Issues III; Materials

Recycled timber There is no doubt that from an environmental perspective, the best possible type of wood to use will be recycled. Unfortunately, the only sort of timber that is easily available in recycled form is poor quality softwood, which is totally unsuitable for use in fine furniture. I have occasionally purchased old Oak wardrobes […]

Eco Issues II; The wider picture

FSC certification FSC certification is basically an auditing scheme that aims to trace timber from tree to end-product. Most timber imported for sale via larger timber merchants will be imported as part of this or similar schemes, but smaller makers like myself are not able to claim FSC certification unless they spend huge sums to […]

Eco Issues I; Introduction

INTRODUCTION   You won’t find many independent furniture makers these days who do not use the word “sustainable” on a regular basis. This is because most of us tend to use natural materials which are always likely to be more sustainable than plastics, but in order to do the least harm to the planet when […]