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    May 2024
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Shelving Units

Realising that few high-quality modern shelving systems are adjustable, I saw an opportunity to develop my own version of the traditional saw-tooth method which I had used in a kitchen many years previously.

They can be made to order in practically any width or height and in a wide range of sustainable hardwoods.

The unit can be dismantled, this being achieved by two of the shelves being bolted to the legs in fixed positions, while the others are all variable.

Putting the legs at an angle increases stability as well as visual interest, but for added security a keyhole slot in the back of selected shelves allows them to be easily fixed to the wall. A smaller, completely wall-hung version is currently in development.

The rear feet are adjustable to allow for uneven floors or carpet grippers.

The shelf supports have a self-locking mechanism which means they can also be used as book-ends.
A range of sustainable hardwoods, including Ash, Oak, Cherry.

The shelves can also be produced in veneered birch-ply, allowing an even greater choice of stunning woods.

Shelves in Ash and Olive Ash.  Legs in White Oak.
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  Shelves and Legs in Ash.
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  Wall Mounted in Brown Oak and Maple
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