Lamp shade in natural wood veneers, lined with natural fabric.


Product Description

This stunning lampshade is a playful design that will look great on one of our pyramid table lamps or used as a ceiling shade with an optional diffuser.


The shades are made from natural wood veneers with a natural fabric backing. It is available to order in Walnut, Reg Gum or Sycamore in a range of sizes.  Each type of wood elicits a different emotion;


Walnut for me conjures up feelings of that inner calm that you have as dusk settles on a hot Summer’s day and the temperature is returning to being just perfect.


Sycamore shades are reminiscent of a bright mid-morning Sun on a warm Spring day. The golden glow makes you feel ready to take your cappucino out onto the patio and bask happilly in its warmth (spoiler alert; our lamps don’t actually emit any noticeable warmth as LED bulbs are so efficient these days).


And as for the Red Gum, is there anything more calming than sitting on the seashore as the Sun drops to the horizon at the end of a beautiful day? Possibly not, but these lamp shades might be the closest you will get to that feeling within your own living room.



As wood is a natural material, the photo gives a very good indication of the appearance, but will not usually be identical to the one you receive.


Some of the photos show the lampshades displayed on one of my pyramid table lamps which are available separately.

If you are using it as a ceiling shade you may want to order a separate perspex diffuser, which you just push easily through the lampshade so that it sits onto the lower wooden ring after you have inserted the bulb.


I have so far only made them with UK electrical fittings. The SES (E14) lamp-holders are of high-quality brass. Please contact me if you want it made to order with other fittings. The lamps have been tested for electrical safety.



Care Instructions:

An occasional dusting should be all the maintenance that is required. Treat them with the same care you would apply to all electrical products.




On the majority of lampshades made from natural materials,  it is an unavoidable inconvenience that they must have a seam, which is usually placed towards the back in order that it can be ignored.  This is my attempt to challenge that orthodoxy. I knew I could not avoid having a seam, so I came up with a better idea – to make a playful and appealing feature out of it.


I also believe that these might just be the best wooden lampshades available anywhere.  The few other designs I have seen all use the standard wire rings employed in practically all fabric shades the World over.  I started using this technique, but eventually decided I could only achieve the level of craftsmanship I insist upon by creating the support rings myself.   The design I came up with employs wooden rings, usually to match the shade, although a contrast can also look good.  The outer rings are connected to the lamp holder using brass rods soldered to a central metal ring.

Additional information

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22cm, 30cm


Walnut, Red Gum, Sycamore


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