Laced up Lamp


Maple Lamp base with Sycamore shade in a playful design with lacing.

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Product Description

This stunning table lamp is a playful design that will look great in your living room or on your bedside table.


The base of this model has so far been created with a choice of Maple or Ebonised reclaimed Mahogany.


The shades are made from natural wood veneers with a natural fabric backing.  This particular design is made using sycamore, which exhibits a stunning translucent effect when the lamp is switched on, reminiscent of the patterns sometimes made by sunlight shining through a silk scarf.


You may think from the photo that it will be awkward to change the bulb, but in fact, it is easier than for most lamps.  Being conical allows the shade to sit on top of an optically clear Perspex disk so that to change the bulb you just lift it off and place it back on again.


Size of model shown;
Height about 41cm, Max Diameter 12cm.


I have so far only made them with UK electrical fittings. The SES (E14) lamp-holders are of high-quality brass. Please contact me if you want it made to order with other fittings. The lamps have been tested for electrical safety.


As wood is a natural material, the photo gives a very good indication of the appearance, but will not usually be identical to the one you receive.


Care Instructions:

An occasional dusting should be all the maintenance that is required. Treat them with the same care you would apply to all electrical products.




On the majority of lampshades made from natural materials,  it is an unavoidable inconvenience that they must have a seam, which is usually placed towards the back in order that it can be ignored.  This is my attempt to challenge that orthodoxy. I knew I could not avoid having a seam, so I came up with a better idea – to make a playful and appealing feature out of it.


The unique joint that I developed for the centre of the base of this lamp was originally inspired by the three-finned plant stems that I saw in the tropical house at Kew Gardens. I originally used it for my unique table leg design before modifying it for this range of table lamps.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 41 cm


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