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π Cabinet with doors closed

Design and Making of the π (Pi) Cabinet; part II

DesignItMakeIt LoveIt A guide to the design and making of the π (Pi) cabinet. Part II; Creating the design. Initial sketches with pencil on paper. I came up with several initial ideas which I pursued in sketches.  To start with I was trying to create something which was mostly straight lines, because a small amount […]

DesignItMakeITLoveIt: How to make a camper van from a chair

DesignItMakeItLoveIt Intro Apart from the fact that I made them all, how are a Windsor chair, a garden Pergola and a Camper Van connected? Back at the start of 2016, I had an urge to learn a few new techniques and I recognised that making a Windsor chair required several methods and ways of thinking […]