Laptop Stand


Adjustable Laptop Stand in English Oak


Product Description

The most obvious reason why you would want to use any laptop stand;


As long as it is adjustable it will reduce the levels of back and neck pain seen in most regular desk-users.


Another reason, that you may never think about until it saves your day;


We have all spilt a drink on our desk at some point and it usually happens just before a critical meeting or when you have six managers pressuring you to get something fixed urgently.  It is always far better to spill your drink all over an external keyboard than directly onto the laptop!


Reasons why you would want to use this particular laptop stand;


It proves that a laptop stand can be both functional and a beautiful addition to your living space. For anyone working from home it’s worthwhile investing in something smart.


It is made from sustainably grown English Oak.


It has been designed with that old (and hopefully new?)-fashioned concept  of “repairability” in mind.  It is likely that this stand will serve you well for as many years  as laptops remain an actual thing, but if it does ever fail it is likely to be in the cord department.  For this reason, rather than more easily glueing the Oak laptop-supports into the slots, I have fitted them with brass screw-inserts to facilitate re-stringing.


It has an open design which helps to keep the laptop cool, preventing thermal throttling (I’ll admit that I haven’t noticed my laptop running any faster since I created this laptop stand, but it is more applicable to the high power models, apparently).


It can be adjusted to six different heights, so one of them should be ideal for you.  If you find you need something even larger, I could always make one with a longer leg on the back to raise it up further.


The Material.

I have found Oak to be an unusual wood in that most people prefer the look of it in its natural state without any finish at all.  Unfortunately that just encourages dirt, so instead I have tested many different oils and varnishes with different application techniques until I found the one that most closely resembles the look of unfinished Oak.


As wood is a natural material, the photo gives a very good indication of the appearance, but will not usually be identical to the one you receive.


Care Instructions:


An occasional dusting should be all the maintenance that is required. Treat them with the same care you would apply to all electrical products.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 25 × 5 cm


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