Drinks Coasters in amazing hardwoods


Drinks Coasters in a range of beautiful hardwoods, including rippled sycamore, Walnut, Yew and Oak.


Product Description

The golden brown colour in Brown Oak is caused by a fungus, Fistulina hepatica, which dies when the tree is converted to timber. It is much sought-after by independent furniture makers, although is too varied to be of much interest to the mass-producer, who prefers their wood to be as homogeneous as possible.

As with all things made of wood, every coaster is totally unique, but of course, some are more unique than others.  Many of them use the most stunning pieces of timber I have collected, which are often too small and/or too expensive to use on larger pieces of furniture.

Most people prefer to have a matching set of the same timber, while some prefer to start their collection of different woods. Let me know if you wish to be notified when I add new woods to the range.



Round; 100mm diameter

Square; 90 x 90mm


The first coasters I made were for a customer who had purchased a Yew table and wanted some coasters to go with it.  Fortunately I still had a few offcuts from making the table.  As is so often the case, the small offcuts were even more amazing than anything in the table, but too irregular to use in anything large.

As I have quite a few such small offcuts which are often the nicest pieces of wood I come across,  it made sense to make some more coasters from them.

I have not usually been keen on the use of “live-edge” in larger pieces of furniture. It always smacks of lazy design to me, but I really love the way these coasters juxtapose fine woodworking and rustic woodworking into a tiny package. Perhaps I will review my opinion of its application in larger pieces.



After testing many finishes, I have only found one that still looks good after a glass has stood in red wine on it for half an hour. Even so, wipe spillages dry and do not put them in the dishwasher.

Clean with warm soapy water as necessary.


Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Wood Variety

Walnut, Yew, Rippled Sycamore, Brown Oak, test


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