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    May 2024
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Pastry Table

This elegant pastry table was made to be used in the centre of the kitchen when needed and to be conveniently wheeled back against the wall when not in use.  An important part of the brief was that it should have a granite or marble worktop which is ideal for making pastry. 

It has one traditionally made drawer used for rolling pins and the like.

The lower support for the basket was made from a wide piece of Oak which exhibited a particularly pleasing grain. The individual strips were sawn from the wider board, following the natural curve, so that each strip has continuous grain along its length, giving much greater strength than would otherwise be the case in strips this narrow.

Having produced the strips, they were each numbered and laid out in many different configurations, all of which were photographed to allow the best one to be reproduced in the finished piece. This not only looks stunning, but it also ensures that every piece of furniture employing this technique will be totally unique.

The basket in this instance is used for the household recycling. It was purchased from http://www.homeproductsbasketware.co.uk/ via their shop in Cromford.
Oak , Fumed Oak, Granite.
H 91 cm
W 63 cm
D 52 cm