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    May 2024
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Magnetic Knife Holders


All of these magnetic knife holders have strong neodymium magnets glued close to the front surface ensuring secure retention of knives, but without it being difficult to remove them. The central magnet is stronger in order to support your heaviest knife.

Some have slots at the rear to contain further knives and also a hole for a sharpening steel.

At first sight, those without the slots are no more (or less) than a beautiful piece of wood. I like to picture people receiving them as a present and I wonder how long it takes them to realise why they are being given a piece of wood for their birthday, wedding etc.

At the rear of each knife holder there are two keyhole slots which locate on two screws, with a unique self-levelling mechanism to allow for the inevitable inaccuracies when drilling holes in a masonry wall.

The knife racks can be made to order in a range of sizes and timbers or to contain unusually-shaped items.
Price £40 to £250