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    May 2024
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I create beautiful and practical objects in wood for people who appreciate individuality and fine craftsmanship.

Every piece of timber is carefully selected for each component

New Designs for 2020

After 40 years of considering that the supreme achievement for a craftsman woodworker was to be found by making the best large-scale furniture possible, I have come to realise that it is possible to incorporate the same level of design and technique into much smaller items.
Swallowtail Lamp in Maple with Sunset shade


My proudest achievement of this year is my new range of lamps which have evolved from the three-finned table leg I developed last year. I don’t believe I have seen many wooden lamps which are quite so sculptural, but at the same time, light weight and able to stand on their own without an added base.
I feel that using an excellent product should be a little like listening to great music. Very few people can explain why it is good, but nearly everyone can recognise it. If my table lamps were a band, then the shade would be the singer and I believe these ones in natural wood veneers give just the right balance of flair with a laid-back attitude.

Knife Racks

My magnetic knife racks are all produced in fantastic looking sustainably grown hardwoods. Some rely on the natural grain of the timber to do the work. Others take already impressive wood and open it out to produce incredible mirror-image effects.
Unique features also include;

 • Some of them have rear slots as well as magnets, maximising the number of knives which can be displayed in a small kitchen.

 • They have an invisible fixing method which also allows them to be made level, even by people not experienced in DIY.

 • Most of them have one or two extra-strong magnets for the heaviest knives.
Magnetic Knife Rack in Yew
Coaster in Rippled Sycamore


My latest design allows anyone to own household items made in some of the most beautiful and expensive hardwoods, such as the rippled sycamore which would normally be reserved for musical instruments.  “Live-edge” versions (not shown) give a little reminder of the natural giants from which these tiny pieces of furniture derive.
They required more research and development than initially expected. I experimented with at least 10 different “hard-wearing” wood finishes before I found one that coped with my standard 30-minute red wine test.

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